Sheryl Shane has been practicing law since the early 1990’s. She has been involved in years of litigation involving Criminal & Traffic Law, Family Law, and Personal Injury. It is no secret that jury trials have been the most gratifying aspect of her career. During the last few years, Criminal and Traffic Law have been a primary focus. She enjoys meeting with her clients and learning about lives and discovering what leads these people to come to her office in the first place. Unfortunately, the reason for their visit normally arises out of a bad situation. And that is not good. But what makes Attorney Sheryl Shane enjoy her practice so much is to help these individuals succeed in obtaining positive outcomes or the best next thing to it..

Attorney Sheryl Shane from all her years of experience has the ability to empathize with her clients. It is not difficult to understand that everyone has up and downs. People make mistakes. Or a person may be wrongly accused. These clients who are involved in criminal and traffic cases deserve Constitutional protections. Perhaps they are being charged under statutes which were not meant to include this type of defendant. Sometimes, there are false allegations. Evidence may be lacking such as when the chain of custody is broken. A jury is being swayed by emotion rather than the prosecution meeting its burden of proof. Does the word of a law enforcement officer always carry more weight than that of our citizens? There are so many issues which need to be addressed prior to the client making a decision as to whether to enter a plea, proceed to trial or attempt a dismissal through other means. That is why the analysis of the case must be thorough. Attorneys jobs are to protect. And isn’t that what we are really about!

Winning trials include numerous Domestic Violence cases, many DWI DUI (misdemeanor & felony), Simple Assault & Battery, Robbery, Possession of Firearm while being a Felon, Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, Personal Injury trials, Protective Order trials, Divorce, Custody & Support trials, and many more. Handled trials involving Aggravated Malicious Wounding, Gang charges – MS 13, Shootings, Abductions (kidnapping). Positive outcomes for Rape, Prostitution, Sexual Battery, Crimes against Children, Gang, Drug Possession & Distribution, Larceny, Fraud, Embezzlement, Protective Orders, Violations of Protective Orders, Probation Violations, Expungement. The list goes on.

Attorney Sheryl Shane is active with the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court, the General District Court, The Circuit Court. Experience with Post-Conviction work such as Appeals and filing for other post-conviction relief.

So, in conclusion Attorney Sheryl Shane has a great deal of legal experience. A Law Degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1993 where she was awarded a juris prudence award for Ethics and won at Trial advocacy. A year of business courses at the University of Colorado in 1985, a BA degree in psychology from Ohio University in 1983 where she also volunteered at a State Mental Health Sanitarium and a Hearing and Speech Clinic. Four years working at a Fortune 100 Company as a Manager and Sales/Marketing employee involving Television Ratings. She has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do in the year 1988, completed Outward Bound where she had learned to always serve, to strive, and not to yield. She, like the rest of you has learned to overcome adversity and to move ahead! Fight hard to achieve the best.

Attorney Sheryl Shane has continued her legal education for the last (29) years by attending Continuing Legal Education courses in Ohio and the Commonwealth of Virginia. She has taken the bar in two States and passed on her first opportunity to complete.

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