Results of a Fraction of the cases Attorney Sheryl Shane has handled over the last 28 years.

CASE 434

Client charged with Felonies Forgery and Uttering Public Record, Forge Certificate of Title, and Unlawfully obtaining DMV documents.   Jury Trial.   Charges Dismissed.  Client won.

CASE 578 

Client charged with statutory Felony Burglary.  Client pled to a misdemeanor trespass just prior to trial and received no actual incarceration.

CASE 994 

Client charged with possession of a firearm while being a convicted felon.  Jury trial was had by the parties.  Defendant won on a Motion to Strike.   He avoided (2) years of mandatory prison time which could not be suspended if found guilty.

CASE 315

Client found not guilty of Felony Aggravated Sexual Battery.

CASE 1010

Felony Motion to Reconsider Granted.

CASE 915

Felony Probation Violation Dismissed.  Failure to Appear Dismissed.

CASE 1283

Possession of a Felony Controlled Substance Dismissed.

CASE 417

3rd DWI Felony Trial at Circuit Court.  Client found not guilty of Driving While Intoxicated.

CASE 1689

Felony Probation with Defendant being found not guilty

CASE 1943

Robbery and Malicious Wounding reduced to a Grand Larceny.

CASE 716

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance Drug dismissed.

CASE 1141

Defendant charged with Grand Larceny, Larceny with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Burglary Tools.  Reduced to a Concealment on date of Jury Trial.

CASE 289

Two Felony Eluding Charges dismissed.

CASE 762

Protective Order Violation Dismissed.

CASE 118

Grand Larceny Dismissed.

CASE 543 

Possesion with Intent to Distribute and Identity Fraud Dismissed. Plead to One Forging public document.

CASE 893

Dismissed Several Credit Card Larceny, Credit Card Fraud, Credit Card Forgery, Trespasses,  Credit Card Forgery, and Fugitive felony.  Plead to (1) Credit Card Larceny.

CASE 919

Armed Robbery and Use of a Firearm reduced to an Unlawful Wounding.  Credit for time served.

CASE 979

Attoney Sheryl Shane only represented client on - 2ND Felony Probation Violation.  Defendant was found guilty with no jail time imposed and probation was terminated.   With prior counsel, client served substantial time on first violation with same Judge and on underlying charges for attempted maiming, use of firearm in commission of crime.    

CASE 1105    

Client charged with Robbery.  Jury Trial.  Client found not guilty.

CASE 1755

Client found not guilty by reason of insanity.   Client was charged with Attempted Malicious Wounding, (2) Attempting Wounding of Police, Felony Destruction of Property, 2 Assault & Battery, Eluding, Reckless Driving, and Disorderly.

CASE 036     

Client charged with Possession with Firearm while in possession of a large quantity of drugs  with intent to distribute and a distribution charge.  Client was looking at statutorily mandated (5) five years prison time which could not be suspended.  There were also (2) felony drug charges. Charges were amended.   The client served a couple months jail time.

CASE 359    

(2) FTA Felonies Dismissed

CASE 1383  

Attempted Malicious Wounding and Assault & Battery.  Jury Trial – client found Not Guilty.

CASE 931     

Deferred Disposition for Felony Drugs to be dismissed.

CASE 779     

Client pled to one count of habitual false pretenses – no jail time imposed.  (5) Felony charges dismissed.


Strangulation charge – reduced to Assault & Battery.   Jury Trial.   Client found not guilty.


Felony Assault & Battery on Police Officer – Jury Trial.   Client found not guilty.


Abduction – two (2) day trial.   Client won – charge dismissed.

CASE 402    

Assault & Battery dismissed.

CASE 470   

Protective Order Violation dismissed.

CASE  445    

Three Felony Marijuana Charges reduced to Misdemeanor - No jail time.

CASE 248

Dwi Trial.   Client Won. Case Dismissed.  Civil Refusal Dismissed Also.

CASE 569.   

Burglary, Intentional Destruction Property, Interference with phone line and Assault – Dismissed.

CASE 954    

Marijuana Charge Dismissed.

CASE 079     

Marijuana Charge Dismissed.

CASE 171       

Marijuana Reduced to Trespass.

CASE 931

Felony Drug Charge – Withhold finding of Guilt.

CASE 019

Second DWI within 5 years reduced to first offense.    Credit for time served – 5 days.  Restricted License.  Unsupervised probation.

CASE 8040

Obstruction of Justice – Dismissed.

CASE 929

Reckless Driving Reduced to Defective Equipment – Circuit Court


Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court – Three (3) Grand Larceny Charges Dismissed

CASE 3142

Possession of Alcohol under the Age of (21).   Reduced to Trespass – Class (3).   Greater Result than (2) Co-defendants.

CASE 1780

Client charged with first offense DWI/DUI.   Dismissed.


Wife charged with Domestic Violence.  Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court – Case dismissed.


Wife charged with Domestic Violence.  Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court – this case also dismissed.