Question 1

  1. Why is it so important to hire Sheryl Shane, the Virginia Criminal Attorney when you suspect you may be charged with a Sex Crime?

Answer:   Attorney Sheryl Shane may be able to prevent the charges from being filed when there is early intervention.  There are times clients have come to the office due to false allegations being made against his or her person.   There are times where clients have been contacted by law enforcement for investigatory purposes and it clearly the best course of action for the individual to remain silent.   Once retained, it is Attorney Sheryl Shane’s duty to work to prevent charges or if the government is set on moving forward for her to defend you in such a manner whereas you can beat the charge(s) or fight for the best outcome.  

Question 2

  1. What benefit do you receive by hiring Sheryl Shane, The Virginia Criminal? Attorney once actually charged with a Sex Crime or Sex Crimes?

Answer:   Let’s assume that a person walks into this Attorney’s Office and the party requests a consult regarding possible criminal charges involving an adult committing sexual acts with a child.    It would be the normal course of business for this attorney to listen to the facts, analyze the case, and determine if there are possible defenses.  The next step would be to gain access to discovery, to review the case in full and to discuss punishment ranges as per the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines and per Statutes.  Most sex charges are felonies.   Not all.  But for those which are felonies, we will discuss everything in detail and make certain you understand everything prior to the preliminary hearing.   We will cover the pertinent information and you will make a decision as to whether we have the hearing or whether we will waive our right to the preliminary hearing and take a plea at the higher Court.  Be assured that this Attorney will fully informe you in order that you can make the best choices to reach the best outcome.   If the case is a misdemeanor sex case such as prostitution, visiting a bawdy house, or sexual battery, we will prepare in full and take the time to properly prepare witnesses.   When you hire Attorney Sheryl Shane – she will work very hard to meet your needs.  Attorney Sheryl Shane stands by her agreements.  Crafting a successful plan of action is her priority.

Question 3

  1. Will Attorney Sheryl Shane explain the Court process to the client adequately? 

Answer:   Attorney Sheryl Shane makes it a priority to explain the law, the possible defenses, and the penalties to her clients. She also believes that her client must have a good understanding of the entire court process from the time a contract is entered into until the termination of services.   When you hire attorney Sheryl Shane –the goal is to keep you out of the dark, to be compassionate and to act with the utmost care.   For this period of time – your life is in her hands…and she plans to take care of that life for which she is charged.

Question 4

  1. What other advantages will you have if you hire Attorney Sheryl Shane regarding your Criminal Sex Charge(s)?

Answer:  Sheryl Shane, The Virginia Criminal Attorney understands that if convicted of a Sex Crime –you will most surely be looking at a lengthy period of incarceration – at least when dealing with a Felony.    Possibly longer than a person convicted of manslaughter.   So – the gravity of the charge(s) are well taken and a fierce and dedicated service will begin right away once Lawyer Sheryl Shane is retained.  This Criminal Defense Attorney will explain viable defenses and also address long term effects in circumstances of a taking a plea or losing a trial    Factors to consider such as  whether or not you will be required to register as a sex offender,   will you be excluded from certain areas,  will there be difficulty finding housing, and what will the employment climate be like with a history of a Sex Crime.  The Loss of the right to sit on a Jury would be addressed, along with gun restrictions, and the Right to Vote.  No matter what has happened in the past.   Attorney Sheryl Shane has the goal to empower you to choose wisely about your present and future.

Question 5

  1. Does your sex crime require you to register as a Sex Offender if convicted?

Answer:  Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-901 covers which persons must register as Sex Offenders.   It is interesting to note that not only must adults register but in certain instance juveniles may be required to register.  Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-901 addresses which offenses required registration.    Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-903 explains registration procedures.  Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-903 introduces the concept of Re-registration. 

Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-907 is important because it explains the procedures for failure to register or reregister.  Hire Sheryl Shane, The Virginia Criminal Attorney to learn more. Call our Fairfax Criminal Attorney today for a free consultation.